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IPAC Edmonton 2022 Award winners

Award for Policy Excellence

Olimpia Pantelimon


Registered Professional Planner, Alberta - Urbaniste, Québec, Canada

Senior Planning Advisor, Municipal Affairs, Government of Alberta

Strong advocate of sustainability, healthy, smart and vibrant cities, bilingual, registered professional with the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP), Alberta Professional Planning Institute (APPI), and urbaniste with the Ordre des urbanistes du Quebec, Olimpia has had the opportunity to write, examine, report, engage on municipal policies and programs, within the past 15+ years. She managed numerous complex planning, policy, capital projects and studies involving cross-sector teams requiring strict attention to quality, scope, time, and cost management. Olimpia continues to share her vision for resiliency by presenting within committees she is active in, i.e. CIP, PHAC, NCCEH, CANUE, and USGBC LEED.

Award for Operations Excellence


Naomi Roy

Recovery Planning Analyst, Provincial Recovery Planning

Naomi holds a bachelor’s degree in land use planning from the University of Waterloo and is a disaster recovery planner for the Government of Alberta. With a background in environmental planning and risk assessments, she works to strengthen the link between land use planning and emergency management. Recently, she developed a first-of-its-kind model that quantifies community and organizational impacts following a natural disaster. Previously, she worked in consulting in Alberta and Ontario. While in the private sector, she undertook regional planning projects for municipal governments as well as helped land developers navigate site-level planning and permitting.


Award for Administrative Professional Excellence

Lorna Villeneuve

I am very honoured to have been nominated. I am the Executive Assistant for the ADM, Ministry
Services Office, Alberta Energy. I started with Alberta Energy in 2006. I am originally from Saskatchewan
and enjoyed 27 years with the Government of Saskatchewan.

I am honoured to be a recipient of two Premiers Awards: Cumberland House Flood Evacuation in
Saskatchewan (2005) and Fort McMurray Fire Evacuation (2016). I also received the Spirit Award of
Distinction from the United Way which I have been involved with for the past 16.5 years.
Looking back at my career in the Public Service, I specifically remember a mentor say, “you don’t let that
phone ring twice”, that was before voice mail.

Outside of work, I love fishing, hunting, and travelling with my husband and walking with my dog Dalton.
I have two adult children (boys) and two grandchildren (also boys) who bring me immense joy and

Award for new Public Servant Excellence









Doug Koroluk

M.Sc., PMP, EP, P.Eng

Senior Industrial Engineer at the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)

Doug is a Senior Industrial Engineer at the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), and he started work at the AER in 2017. Doug is honoured to receive this award and wants to thank all of his colleagues at the AER who have contributed to his success. He really appreciates the supportive work environment at the AER and the significant role that the AER plays in Alberta’s energy development. Doug has a background in sustainable energy development and chemical engineering. Doug worked in industry prior to his role at the AER. Doug would like to thank Andrea for all her support.

IPAC Edmonton congratulates all winners and nominees for their hard work and commitment to the public service! 

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