Lieutenant Governor's Award for Excellence in Public Administration


The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta is the patron of this award. The award pays tribute to public sector practitioners whose careers exhibit the highest standards of excellence, dedication, and accomplishments.It recognizes an individual who is currently, or was formerly, engaged in public service within the province of Alberta, including practitioners from federal, provincial, or municipal government, school boards, universities and colleges, or other agencies, boards and associations supported by public funds.

The award recognizes the exceptional achievement of a person who has:

  • Shown distinctive leadership in public administration or

  • Made a significant contribution in the field of public administration in the province of Alberta, by writings or other endeavors.

  • Made outstanding contributions on a sustained basis, rather than as a result of a single initiative


The award seeks to provide recognition of an outstanding individual and to underscore the efforts of creative, highly skilled individuals in the public sector. This award is open to candidates from anywhere in Alberta. Candidates will be judged based on criteria which include their leadership skills, innovation/creativity, accomplishment/impact, and community involvement.



Nominations are now closed for the 2020 year. Thank you for your submissions. 


2020    Maria David-Evans, Government of Alberta and University of Alberta

2019    Lana Lougheed, Government of Alberta, Public Service Commission

2018    Rob Hugill, Government of Alberta, Environment and Parks

2017    Craig Reich, Municipal Approvals Technologist, Government of Alberta, Environment and Parks

2017    Marcia Nelson, Deputy Minister, Government of Alberta, Executive Council

2016    A call for nominations did not take place

2015    A call for nominations did not take place

2014    Dr. Carl G. Amrhein, former University of Alberta’s Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

2013    Owen A. Tobert, former City Manager, City of Calgary

2012    Tracy L. Edwards, former President and CEO, Lethbridge College

2011    John McGowan, former CEO of AUMA and Alberta Municipal Services Corporation

2010    Lucy Miller, former Chief Superintendent, Calgary Catholic School District

2009    Al Maurer, former City Manager, City of Edmonton

2008    Ron Hicks, former Deputy Minister of Alberta Executive Council

2007    Roger Gibbins, former CEO, Canada West Foundation

2006    Allan Tupper, former Professor of Political Science, University of Alberta

2005    W.G.S. (Bill) Sutherland, former Chief Commissioner, Country of Strathcona

2004    Roger Palmer, former Deputy Minister, Alberta Health and Wellness

2003    Robert C. Clark, former Alberta Ethics Commissioner

2002    Oryssia Lennie, former Deputy Minister, Western Economic Diversification Canada

2001    Ed Wittchen, former Superintendent, Northern Lights School Division

2000    Jim Dixon, former Alberta Public Service Commissioner

1999    Paul Dawson, former Chief Executive Officer, City of Calgary

1998    Allison O’Brien, former Alberta Deputy Provincial Treasurer

1997    Emery Dosdall, former Superintendent, Edmonton Public Schools

1996    Sarah Huemmert, former Executive Director, Premier's Council in Support of Alberta  Families

1995    Deryl Kloster, former City Manager, City of Airdrie

1994    Peter Meekison, former V.P. Academic, University of Alberta and former DM of Alberta Federal & Intergovernmental Affairs

1993    Michael Day, former City Commissioner, City of Red Deer

1992    Gerry DeSorcy, former Chairman, Natural Resources Conservation Board

1991    Bill Rogers, former Auditor General of Alberta

1990    Bob King, former Chairman, Alberta Liquor Control Board

1989    Jack Edworthy, former Executive Director, Alberta,  Association of Municipal Districts and Counties

1988    No Selection

1987    Myer Horowitz, former President, University of Alberta

1986    A.F. "Chip" Collins, former Deputy Provincial Treasurer