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New Public Servant Award for Excellence


For public servants who have a bit more experience, but who are still relatively new to public sector work, this award is intended to give recognition to those who are beginning to make a difference in the public sector.

For public servants with more than two, and up to five years of experience in the public sector.​

Eligibility requirements:

  • Must recognize an individual and not a team.

  • Must be currently employed by the public service (e.g. Federal, Provincial, Municipal government, or related agencies, boards, and commissions).

  • Must work for a public sector organization based in the province of Alberta.

  • Must have more than two, and up to five (continuous or not) years of public service experience.

  • Open to any role regardless of level of responsibility or level within organization.

  • Nominees and nominators may not be members of the Board of Directors of IPAC National, nor members of the Board of Directors of IPAC Edmonton or IPAC Calgary Regional Groups.

  • Nominees and nominators may not be members of the IPAC Edmonton Awards Committee.


2022    Winner coming soon!

2021    Anne Winkler, Government of Alberta, Justice and Solicitor General

2020    Cherry Lyn Aguilar, Government of Alberta, Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women

2019    Rafael Lucero, Government of Alberta, Infrastructure

2018    Lesley Vaage, City of Edmonton

2017    Katie Rowe, Government of Alberta, Climate Change Office

2016    Maryann Raby, Government of Alberta, Municipal Affairs

2015    Anne Stevenson, City of Edmonton

2014    Angela Pappas, Government of Alberta, Ministry of Human Resources

2013    Alec Stratford, City of Edmonton 

2012    Jacqueline Greenblatt, Government of Alberta, Health

2011    Mark Hoosein, Government of Alberta, Infrastructure

2010    Ursula Jakabos, Health Canada

2009    Jennifer Keller, Government of Alberta, Education



Nominations are now open. 

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