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Dave Ludwick

Dave is the Executive Director of Corporate Services for the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. Prior to that he served as an executive director at two primary care networks in Alberta.

Dave graduated from the University of Manitoba as an engineer. He then

completed an MBA (Finance and accounting) at uOttawa and later completed a PhD at the University of Alberta in Health Informatics.

Dave is a road cyclist and tries to ride about 5,000 km per year. He's a musician (piano and guitar) and he also restores vintage cars.


Nathalie Lachance
(Vice Chair

Nathalie is a practitioner-scholar.  She has worked for more than 20 years in Indigenous health and is currently the A/Regional Director, Strategic Health Intelligence, Programs and Benefits at First Nations and Inuit Health Branch of Indigenous Services Canada in Alberta.  An Athabasca University alumni, she focused her doctoral research on health care collaboration between First Nations, federal and provincial governments.


Meghan Smook (Secretary)

Meghan is a Social Policy and Innovation Advisor for Strathcona County. She is passionate about helping to shape public policy that supports the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. Meghan has also spent some time out east working with the federal government. When not working, you can find Meghan on long walks with her 11 year old pug and best friend, spoiling her nephews or testing out a new recipe.

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Rhonda Sorensen

Rhonda is the manager of Communications Services for the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and has been with the organization for 20 years. After beginning her career as a journalist on her 21st birthday, she soon gravitated towards Communications working in education and emergency management before

finding her place in public service.

Rhonda balances a busy schedule with relaxing hobbies such as yoga,

meditation, reading and spending time in good company.

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Ometz Elijah

Ometz is an Analyst with the Ministry of Technology and Innovation in the Government of Alberta. He holds an MBA degree from the University of Alberta. An animal lover, nature photographer and painter, he enjoys long walks, hiking, meeting new people and exploring uncharted areas. He believes in the power of community and  always works towards creating a positive impact.

Denny Brett

Denny is a policy practitioner with the Government of Alberta. He is currently a Policy Manager for the Policy Coordination Office, Executive Council. Denny has a Masters of Arts from the University of Alberta, with over 7 years experience in the public service. He is fascinated by complex systems and wicked policy problems. In his free time, Denny plays soccer and any sport with a racquet.

Jamie Cronin.jpg

Jamie Cronin
(Member at Large) 

Jamie is a dedicated public servant, holding leadership roles at the provincial and municipal orders of government over the past decade. She is currently a Director, Policy, with Executive Council, Government of Alberta. Jamie has experience across diverse policy fields, including energy and environment, public safety, and transportation and infrastructure. Jamie is a mom of two boys and enjoys spending her free time chasing them around at splash parks and playgrounds.

Shane Jaffer
(Member at Large) 

Shane is a Director, International and Intergovernmental Relations at Calgary Economic Development
where his focus is building strong
relationships with key stakeholders both internationally and domestically. In his last role with the Alberta
Government, he was the Director of Strategic Engagement at the Ministry of
Jobs, Economy and Innovation where he led a team that engages with key
stakeholders who are impacted by, interested in or have influence over initiatives
and policies for the ministry. Shane is also a sessional
lecturer at Mount Royal University at the Bissett School of Business.
Shane has a Masters in International Trade from the University of Saskatchewan
and other degrees from the University of Alberta including from the Alberta
School of Business.


Saheb Dullet
(Member at Large) 

Saheb is the Director of Policy & Government Relations with BILD Alberta. As a problem solver, he enjoys collaborating with various stakeholders on complex policy issues to find balanced solutions.  As a former public servant, he sees the value in giving back to the community through several volunteering opportunities.”

Jackie Kleiner
(Member at Large) 

A native Calgarian, Jackie has been involved with the Calgary IPAC Regional Group for more than 20 years. Before retiring, she worked as a Senior Manager in Human Resources for the Government of Alberta. Now she keeps busy with volunteer work in the history space as well as enjoying arts and music, etc.

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