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IPAC Edmonton’s IPAC-U initiative offers learning opportunities through practical, hands-on workshops and seminars. Led by experts from across the public, private, not-for-profit, and academic sectors, these sessions focus on  challenging issues facing the public service. By building a network of practitioners and academics, IPAC-U aims to create a stronger “pracademic” culture in the greater Edmonton region and bridge the traditional divide between the scholarly and public sector communities. 


Following the traditional university model, IPAC-U’s weekly sessions are organized in ‘semesters’ that run from September to December and January to April. Events are free for IPAC members. Non-members are charged a nominal fee for registration.


Please see our Events page for information on upcoming IPAC-U events. To receive updates about these and other IPAC events, subscribe for updates at the bottom of this page. 


Topics from recent sessions include:


  • Successful Transitions: Preparing for a future that has already happened 

  • Communicating the Value of the Public Service 

  • The Rise of Computational Public Policy 

  • Reconciliation in Context 

  • The City of Edmonton’s Public Engagement Journey 

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